UVA Volunteer Tutoring Network 

The COVID-19 pandemic has required elementary, middle, and high schools to transition to online learning for the remainder of the semester. This major shift in education has required many parents/legal guardians to take increasing roles in their child's education, potentially leaving gaps for families with essential jobs who have increased working hours. Students at the School of Medicine in partnership with Madison House have created the UVA Volunteer Tutoring Network, a free virtual tutoring service for children of healthcare workers at UVA Hospital and other clinics/nursing homes in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. ​Graduate students and faculty volunteers within the University of Virginia community are matched with K-12 students based on their indicated subject needs and meet through online videoconferencing with periodic follow up by program coordinators and teachers.​

Volunteer qualifications:

Graduate students and faculty 


John Costello, jsc7xe@virginia.edu

SOM "Virtual" Blood Drive

Because of COVID-19 we have had to cancel our in-person Medical School Blood Drive for the spring semester. Despite this, the need for blood donations is still significant across the country, so we are instead encouraging you all to donate wherever you find yourself during this quarantine. UVA medical students who donate blood between April 1st and June 30th and fill out the raffle form to be entered in a raffle to win a giftcard with a total prize of $125! To donate, visit the American Red Cross website and enter your zipcode to Find a Drive. Don’t forget to bring a valid, state-issued ID with you on the day of your donation. To make the donation process more smooth, the American Red Cross offers donors the ability to fill out a Rapid Pass the day of the drive allowing you to shave 15-20 minutes off the donation process by answering health history questions before you arrive at the blood drive location. 

Tips for a successful donation:

1. Hydrate

2. Add some extra iron to your diet see the ARC's iron-rich food guide

3. Remember to eat before your donation






Anna Hakkenberg, ah7rq@virginia.edu
Grace Kim, gjk4en@virginia.edu

Virginia Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

The Virginia Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a force of dedicated volunteers supporting ongoing public health initiatives and assisting during emergencies throughout Virginia, including the current Covid-19 crisis, in medical, public health, and general support capacities.




Volunteer qualifications:

Anyone can be involved

Andrew Burns, atb6cc@virginia.edu

Wellness Initiative 

We are compiling a list of resources for people to stay healthy, fit, and connected, such as virtual book clubs, fitness classes, and mental health resources. Please email us with any additional resources. You can find the link to all current wellness activities on the "resource links" page. 




Nicole Calautti, nmc7zf@virginia.edu

Kara MacIntyre, kem4bn@virginia.edu

Steven Scherping, scs7nw@virginia.edu


We are a group of UVA medical students organizing volunteer efforts within the Charlottesville Community 


Email: vmedcovid19initiative@gmail.com